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The polisher IBPA-500 is designed to grind and polish marble or tiles with formats of 30×30, 40×40, 50×50 and 40×60, and a production time of up to 100m2 depending on the model and grinding wheels.

The pressure control is electronic and has a security system on the doors, adapted to current regulations.

The heads are mechanical, and polishing heads could optionally be pneumatic. The implementation of each head is made from a separate control panel for each wheel, allowing us to better manage the machine.

The grinding wheel plates are of Frankfurt type, allowing for a quick and easy exchange of the stones.

At the exit side of the grinding machine, there is a fan for drying the tile for its proper use and handling.

Control panel with programmable PLC, starters and inverters for the electronic control of the head and the side of the grinder.